Pittsburgh Mixology

At Pittsburgh Mixology, our goal is to educate the average consumer on the art of mixing great cocktails. Each guest will be provided with a comprehensive training program that enables an individual to become a skilled and confident bartender. This course features hands on training with a top Mixologist and Flair Bartender as well as guest Mixologists from around the city!  Pittsburgh Mixology Instructor, Stephen Pacacha a.k.a. "Stevie P." is ready to mix it up with you!

Our Instructors will demonstrate and explain the step by step process in preparing each cocktail while the guests learn to create the drinks along with them. We put the bottles in your hands and let you do the crafting. All of our guests will learn the fundamental skills of basic Bartending, Mixology, and Flair while learning how to prepare advanced cocktails to add a touch of style on their presentation.

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